Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Earthworms!! Science Tray

Yesterday we studied earthworms in our Science Trays!  We pulled up the stepping stones and since it was about to rain, they were already at the surface!

A loves to dig, so I gave her a shovel and we actually found a worm that was about 3 weeks old and one that was about a week old.

Hard to see the worm, but A was happy!  I liove your smile, A!

Sister decided to come out and join us and check out the worms!

Here are my little bottles again!  (They're acutally spice jars!)  I used a plastic punch cup and then put the bottle in and filled up the sides with dirt.  The girls put the worms on top so they could watch them dig down and then tunnel along the sides of the cup!  What fun!

Sometimes it's just fun watching the dirt move! he he

Today we will be doing worksheets on Earthworms and they will doing things like measuring, labeling the parts and talking about how the earthworms help us!  we found some great worksheets, here...


Have a great day!


happy's mommy said...

I love it! I'm so happy you linked up!


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