Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Earthworms!! Science Tray

Yesterday we studied earthworms in our Science Trays!  We pulled up the stepping stones and since it was about to rain, they were already at the surface!

A loves to dig, so I gave her a shovel and we actually found a worm that was about 3 weeks old and one that was about a week old.

Hard to see the worm, but A was happy!  I liove your smile, A!

Sister decided to come out and join us and check out the worms!

Here are my little bottles again!  (They're acutally spice jars!)  I used a plastic punch cup and then put the bottle in and filled up the sides with dirt.  The girls put the worms on top so they could watch them dig down and then tunnel along the sides of the cup!  What fun!

Sometimes it's just fun watching the dirt move! he he

Today we will be doing worksheets on Earthworms and they will doing things like measuring, labeling the parts and talking about how the earthworms help us!  we found some great worksheets, here...


Have a great day!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Here are some neat products and some random happenings around our house!

Well, here's the deal. I take pictures of my kids and their schoolwork, everyday.  I have always had the intention of starting a blog and maintaining a blog, but........ well, ya know, life gets in the way sometimes.  We have to prioritize.  I loved Erica's post over at!   I, was one of those recent emailers who had asked her how in the world she did it all! :O)  She set me straight immediately! LOL  Thank you Erica!  So, these are pictures from a while back and some are from yesterday.  Hope you enjoy the ideas!

First up is this great little find that I discovered at a discount bookstore.  They are puzzle boards that have a dry erase surface.  They're great for my preschooler's box!  She can practice handwriting by tracing the letter and then there are things that start with that letter on the card.  The last activitiy is the the puzzle of the letter. Easch puzzle is 4 pieces. and there is a faint print of the puzzle below the pieces to help encourage them so that there's not so much frustration if they can't figure it out. 

I was brainstorming the other day about things we could do together that I could frame.  I came up with this little project.  I sat down with my preschooler and a piece of white cardstock.  I then told her to think of something she wanted to draw.  She drew it and then I drew something to go along with it.  We both took turns, working off what the other had drawn and then we took turns coloring it.  We ended up with a pretty picture that we both contributed to.  I dated it and put momma and her name on the back.  She thought that was loads of fun! Hey, for those of you who are trying to see what I drew and what she drew, you probably won't tell much difference.  I can't even draw stick people.  I have no idea where my 13 and 8 year old artist, got their talent!??????

Next up, is the FUN way to memorize Bible Verses!  Do you remember those Rebus Rhymes in  the Highlights Magazines?  These are kind of the same thing.  They are printed full color on stiff cardstock!  If I had been smart, I would have laminated all of them anyway so that my grandkids would have them someday!

Then, there's these great little books that I found at Office Depot or Office Max, I forgot which one.  It's a sticker collage book.  It has pictures of various things.  You peel off the paper and the surface is like a sticker.  She then cuts up pieces of construction paper and she can "color" the picture with those.  I like the NO GLUE part of it.  For some reason, she can make the BIGGEST mess with a tiny bit of glue.  She's become irrtated lately if she gets it on her fingers, so this little book works out great!

Last of all is a couple of pics from our last snow!  I know, I know, there's no sno in the pictures, but we started a crazy tradition last winter and we  just think it's fun.  My kids got a sturdy, canvas tent (teepee) last year for Christmas.  The first snow we had, they decided they wanted to take it out on the porch (in 15 degree weather) and read books and pretend they were pioneers!  So, I let them try it and needless to say, they got the full experience of the miserable cold and dampness that pioneers felt on cold days and nights!  Sooooo, I put on my thinking cap and ran walmart and found those can of heat, burners that are in the camping department!  This was perfect!  We sat it on a plate and discussed safety first and then we brought out the marshmallows and fondue forks and roasted them over the can of heat!  (My brother in law came up with that one!)  The gel in the burner, burns clean and it kept the tent nice and toasty!  We stayed out there a couple of hours and with blankets and pillows and our hotchocolate, we had loads of fun!  We didn't even have to wear shoes! So the next time your kids  say it's too cold to go out, go find a can of heat and a good book and spend some quality time with them!  They'll always remember it!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's in our Boxes!!

 This is something interesting that I found at Office depot.  It requries the child to write each individual letter in a separate box.  i've been using it with my 2nd grader for handwriting.  It has greatly improved her legibility!

Found this at the hs convention!  It has a different writing prompt for each day!  It requires, drawing, writing, and thinking.  It helps her express her thoughts!  It was only $9, and it's one of those boxes that she looks forward to everyday!  A great Keepsake!

self explanatory!  She plays on!  We joined after reading Erica's review on

we then had the boring workbooks ....


My little one likes to be read stories from Ergimeier's Bible Story Bible and we are learning the L verse from CONFESSIONS OF A HOMESCHOOLER'S ABC verses!

Weather Chart

 I have taught 3 of my children with this book!  It's AWESOME  My Just turned 4 year old is on Lesson 12! and is learning at a faster rate than my previous children!

Another activity from Confessions of a Homeschooler

DOT O DOT page for Letter L from the same place...

Doto o Dot page to paint. 

Library kit from Lakeshore Learning! WHAT GOES TOGETHER?

We love Jesse Bear books!

Happy Belated St. PADDY'S DAY!!!!!

This is one holiday that my family loves!  My two teenagers are actually living on the wrong continent!  They love gaelic, irish music and irish history!  Their Music instructor  recently stopped playing for Patty Loveless and went on tour with the Chieftains for a month!  If you don't know who the chieftains are, then you need to look them up!  They are an AMAZING Irish group!  WE drove to Atlanta to see their instructor and go to one of the concerts that they were doing with the Atlanta Symphony!  The grils were awed!  I was too!  Their teacher took us back stage and my 13 year old got her tin whistle signed by the Chieftains!  It was loads of fun!  Anyways, we celebrated St. Paddy's day ! First we started with green Keifer Waffles!  Doesn't that look appetizing?! They were better than they look!  That and turkey bacon, are awesome!

Along with Rainbow Keifer shakes!  If you don't know about  Keifer, you really should!  It is one of the best things that I have done for my family, lately!  It is packed full of B vitamins and natural probiotics and it gives us LOTS of energy!  It also wards off stomach bugs and is a great preventative! Other wonderful side effects are, that it takes away your craving for sugar, juice, and a lot of bread!  I actually use it as a meal replacement and have lost three pounds without being hungry!  My grains are multiplying like crazy !  WE make fruit shakes out of ours and it is a wonderful replacement for buttermilk when baking!

We made rainbow witnessing bracelets for the younger set.

This was in the younger ones, treat bags (Dollar store find!)

This was a pic that was taken and sent to their music teacher while she was on tour!  It's in Gaelic, but I'm sure you can you figure out what it says!  We then sent it to all our friends and some family!  The shirts came from Old Navy!  I love that store!

Their workboxes contained theis little printable workbook on Ireland. 

This was in the older girl's workboxes!

We then made cupcakes for an elderly woman whose birthday is around St. Patty's day! 

Then, we finsihed with a GREAT Bible Study that I found, on Luck!  Check it out! this is defintely worth printing out!  The title is called
GOING GREEN! (it's not about our environmental woes, though

AND our GREEN dinner! Pistachio Pudding, Guacamole and chips, Green relish tray, Green soda floats and Roastbeef and swiss sandwhiches!.

We also have started a weird tradition of buying those seasonal socks for all the holdiays and taking pictures like this.  The girls started it and think that it's fun!  The blue  ones had rainbows on them!


WE do a different kind of workboxing for geography.  I use a combonation of Montessori, Charlotte Mason  in my teaching and we have continent boxes.  These were made by a cousin who LOVES to do plastic canvas work!  We then scotchguard them and stuff each continent box with things about that continent. She and I sat down one day and designed these so that they would accomodate something as big as a 9X12 folder.  Here is a sample list of stuff that may be in one of the boxes:

Folder with coloring sheets, puzzles, crosswords, booklets etc...
Toobs animals from all the different continents (Available at amazon)
Stickers with animals,  or flags of that country
Craft sheets for that continent
material with print from that continent
Chinese take out boxes that are fabric colored (Target $1 bins)
box of cards with famous landmarks from each continent (Also Target $1 bins!)
travel brochures (Local travel agency)
Cards with websites about that continent
items that people have brought us from their travels

The list could go on forever!  The kids really enjoy exploring their boxes and it makes it easy to locate everything!

These are the tops to the boxes.  She was very detailed in the maps!  Oh how I wish Montessori materials makers would come up with a wooden box with lids that have continent puzzles on the top!  How awesome would that be?!!!!

We study 1 continent a year!  LAst year, we did North America. This year, it's Africa!  Last week we decided to have an african meal and dress the part, after seeing an African family on vacation a couple of weeks ago! Here they are preparing the meal! We had blackeye pea balls, potatoes and Kale  and a chicken dish with a really long name!  We had baked bananas for dessert!   We got the recipes from a great book at the library called PASSPORT ON A PLATE~ Check it out sometime!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Science Trays!

Here is the Science Tray Curriclum for all those workboxers who wanted it.  Keep checking in, as I will make improvements and additions to this curriculum in the future.  I will also be adding pics of our science trays as we do them!  Please leave comments as to how you are liking it or disliking it, so that I can tweak it if necessary.  There is always room for improvement!  Thanks!

Here's the Link below

Science Trays Science Curriculum Grades Pre-K to 3rd Grade

Here is our first box that we did yesterday with my 2nd grader.  The little mini spice jars were a fleamarket find for 2 bucks.  Got the spice rack, too and they had never been opened!  We have used those things for smelling jars and multiple other things! The tray came from Walmart.  I need to paint it, but haven't got any paint, yet.

Next, she filled the jars with dirt from my boxes and put in the seeds

She added seeds and used a turkey baster to water them.

She then labeled them with her best "2nd grade" spelling and voila!  We sat them in a window. 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do you eat at Taco Bell?

Well, sadly.....we do.......often. I have had a huge weakness for mexican since the birth of my 2nd child ( 12 years ago) ! Anyways, I love the little black trays that the nachos or the taco salads come in and have trying to figure out what to do with some of them. I finally decided that they would make excellent little greenhouses for the window seals so that the girls can see stuff sprout! Great recycling project!

Here's a belated St. Patty's Day post. My oldest daughter has irish blood gushing through her veins! She knows more about Ireland's history and music than most Irish, I'm sure! Anyways, this is her kind of holiday! She made an awesome Keylime Pie and decorated it up so cutely!

These are the non-alcoholic versions of Ale! Green Sherbet with sprite poured on top! The kids got a kick out of these annnnnnddd, no one was tipsy before church! :O)

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